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Google Releasing New AI tools And Google Workspace

Google is releasing AI tools that will compose paragraphs in Docs, auto-generate files in Slides, and drought responses for you in Gmail. AI Tools and Google Workspace applications, which include Google Documents, Gmail, Sheets, and Slides, will soon have a number of new generative AI features.

Description of the Headline

The announcement underlines Google's resolve to outpace competitors in the new AI race. The search giant has been rushing to introduce comparable AI features since ChatGPT debuted last year and Microsoft released Bing with chatbot support in February. According to reports, the business issued a "code red" in December, ordering workers to quickly incorporate AI technologies into all of its consumer products, which are utilized by billions of people. The new features include the ability to create AI imagery, audio, and video to illustrate presentations in Slides (similar to features in both Microsoft Designer, powered by OpenAI's DALL-E, and Canva, powered by Stable Diffusion) and new ways to generate, summarise, and brainstorm text with AI in Google Docs similar to how many people use OpenAI's ChatGPT.

The whole list of AI-powered capabilities that Google promises will eventually be added to Workspace apps:

  • Write, respond, summarize, and priorities your Email

  • Create ideas in Documents, modify them, and then tweak them.

  • Slides' automatically produced graphics, music, and video may help you bring your creative idea to life.

  • Use auto-completion, formula creation, and contextual classification in Sheets to transform raw data into insights and analysis.

  • Create fresh backdrops and note taking in Meet

  • Allow processes in Chat to complete tasks

  • By easing the authoring process and lowering the barrier to entry for AI, these features save time and effort

Summary :

The new AI Google features will help employees to summarise and catch up on lengthy email threads or prepare briefings based on a number of Google Documents or emails.

More than 3 billion users now use Google Workspace's AI-powered capabilities, such as Smart Reply and Smart Compose in Gmail and the automatically created summaries in Google Documents. Users will be able to write email summaries, create digital presentations, filter lengthy email threads, and more Google AI feature.

Additionally, there is excellent news for developers. PaLM API & MakerSuite are two new services that the business is releasing to enable innovators to experiment and create their own language model. This simple starting point for creating generative AI applications is language-friendly.

For instance, a new tool called Generative AI App Builder will enable organizations and governments to create their own chatbots and virtual assistants that are driven by AI.

Google’s Announce large language models PaLM API and MakerSuite

Google recently launched prototyping applications PaLM API, A new developer tool that makes it simple and secures to test Google's wide language models. Together with the API, Google has released MakerSuite which enables developers to start experimenting quickly and easily.

Stay watching for their waitlist as they make these tools available to a limited group of developers through a Private Preview.

  • Use the PaLM API to obtain access to Google's comprehensive language models.

  • Start building quickly

  • Tune a model

  • Augment your dataset with synthetic data

  • Generate state of the art embeddings

  • Build responsibly and safely

  • Scale your generative AI application

It's an exciting time for Goolge AI developers, and Goolge want to keep building AI solutions that make your life easier. They want to shortly onboard new developers, release new features, and open up this technology to the larger developer community.

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