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Twitter will discontinue two-factor authentication on March 20!

Twitter chose to discontinue 2FA as a cost-cutting move across its product offerings. According to Musk, 'bogus SMS charges' cost the firm close to $60 million every year.

Twitter will discontinue two-factor authentication on March 20!
Twitter will discontinue 2FA

What did Twitter say?

Two-factor authentication is a key security feature we provide to keep your account secure as we remain dedicated to keeping users safe and secure on Twitter (2FA). In order to log in with 2FA, you must additionally provide a code or security key in addition to your password. You may be sure that only you have access to your account by completing this extra step. We now provide three 2FA options: security key, authentication app, and text message.

Description of the headline

The announcement underlines Google's resolve to outpace competitors in the new AI race. The search giant has been rushing to introduce comparable AI features since ChatGPT debuted last year and Microsoft released Bing with chatbot support in February. According to reports, the business issued a "code red" in December, ordering workers to quickly incorporate AI technologies into all of its consumer products, which are utilized by billions of people. The new features include the ability to create AI imagery, audio, and video to illustrate presentations in Slides (similar to features in both Microsoft Designer, powered by OpenAI's DALL-E, and Canva, powered by Stable Diffusion) and new ways to generate, summarise, and brainstorm text with AI in Google Docs similar to how many people use OpenAI's ChatGPT.

The significance of 2FA

The 2FA is an extra security precaution that protects your Twitter account from illegal access. You must authenticate your identity with the password and a code delivered to your smartphone through text message using the 2FA. This assures that unscrupulous actors will not be able to access your Twitter account even if your password has been hacked.

How can I alter the 2FA settings?

It only takes a few minutes to complete this simple and quick process. Either on their desktop website or the Twitter app, users must visit the settings page. Choose "security and account access" afterwards. Next proceed to the security menu and follow the instructions to access the 2FA page. Using the app would be the best approach for mobile users to enable or disable 2FA. Other independent applications like Authy and Duo Mobile might also be helpful. To link them to their Twitter account, users need to download them and follow the instructions.

What happens if the settings are left unchanged after March 20?

Put your anxieties to rest if you don't change the settings before March 20; you won't be losing access to your account. Regrettably, when Twitter disables your 2FA access, your account will no longer be safe. The account will still function normally for you, but security problems will be more likely to arise.

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